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  • Laurie Patino

    I have worked at McDonald's in Bradenton Florida for 2 years, I started as a cashier, and within 6 months I became a shift Manager, they liked the way I worked, I was all over the restaurant,, helping everyone out, but in the process I never learned how to work the grill, so the employees taught me how. My motto is,,, IF YOU GOT TIME TO LEAN YOU GOT TIME TO CLEAN!, I was very supportive with my employees, until the most trusted employee robbed me blind, I wasn't feeling well so I asked him if he could watch the store for a few minutes, the owners daughter was his good friend, so she trusted him with the safe combination, when I got out of the restroom I couldn't find him I just thought he went out for a cigarette, but after about 30 minutes I said he must have left. Well when it was time to count registers I opened up the safe and there was nothing in it Of course I had to call the cops, I felt so distraught, but that was one job I worked at, I worked at a couple gas stations, in quite a few restaurants waitressing, I worked as a concierge for a expensive golf club, I became a dancer in Clearwater, I had my own cleaning service called speedy maids, I haven't worked in a long time, but I am ready to shine again. 


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